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Felt with Farren

Felt with Farren classes are available in the following ways.

I'm so excited to share this unique art form with you. Needle felting is a process that sculpts wool into any shape you imagine. Wool fibers are covered with scales. When you agitate the fibers, the scales lock together and thus, the felting occurs. In needle felting, we use special barbed needles that lock the scales of the fiber together. What this looks like in real time, is stabbing fluffy colorful wool over and over with sharp needles.

In-Home Classes

I am so excited to offer in-home classes.

My classes run in the following ways. You and your friends will decide on a project ahead of time. I come to you with all the supplies. Each person will need a hard surface to work on, such as a table. Classes of 5 Classes run approximately two hours. Eating, drinking and socializing are always encouraged during class! Felted gnomes or pumpkins make beginner classes. Please contact me at if you are interested in a unique and fun night in!

Silkies Alpaca Farm Partnership

I also offer classes in partnership with Silkies Alpaca Farm in Chester Springs PA.

These classes usually run about once a month and we have a great time! Class schedule and reservation information can be found at